Blog Revival


As the weeks of 2015 were coming to a close I found myself thinking "Gee, whatever happened to my blog?". Well, it's still here, perhaps a bit dusty, neglected, and full of a ridiculous amount of cobwebs. This sad and pathetic little corner of the web hasn't received much love; personally I find it highly embarrassing.

So this year, I decided to do something about it. Perhaps being a little impetuous I tweeted, "I plan on blogging 52 times in 2016." (Words are cheap and easy!) That's right - one blog entry per week - all year! Can I do this? Well, my social media cachet is now officially on the line!

My sincere hope is the content will be fresh, interesting, and hopefully informative. I have a myriad of subject matters which are stewing around inside my noggin which begging to be roused into words.

But what would I have to talk about?

I have a lot to talk about! For starters, I've been doing this programming gig now for nearly 15 years and feel that I have a few pearls of wisdom that are worth sharing. Also, as I continue to accumulate more random bits of knowledge I have an innate desire to distill these into meaningful words to share with others. With that said, my goal is that this blog will be more than dull stodgy code samples but really a sampling of subjects that include not only programming but also offers some insight into the human side of the profession. It's gonna be great, I promise.

Why every week?

Well for starters, I think I have a lot to say. Secondly, it feels like a reasonable cadence which should be achievable. Further, my ultimate dream is to write a book one day, and this will prepare me for the rigors and disciplines to actually undertake such a endeavor.

So what's on the agenda for next week?

I hope to explore the first entry in a multi-part series: Go Concurrency.

So, until next week I hope everyone has an amazing 2016.